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Below are the nominations for all 10 categories of the ePPE Awards.  Included below, are why they were nominated. After you have reviewd them, click on the VOTE button to submit your votes. You will only be allowed to vote once and only for one person/department/organization in each category.


Citizenship Award

Nominees for this award would exemplified excellent customer service or client care during the pandemic when emotions and procurement challenges heightened atypical stress in the community.

Scott Bowers

Program Manager

Department of General Services

Scott served on the front line with new supplier vetting and onboarding. He had to separate the few helpful from the many wannabe's. I believe he screened about 5000 potential suppliers. Many of which called over and over and over. Scott had to endure legislative inquiries, DCED goals, public information requests, and much more. He also coordinated many of the sample material deliveries as he was in the office during much of the COVID disaster.

Robyn Graham, John Smith, Nico Rice, Caitlin Chichiaro & Stephanie Ventura

Bureau of Administrative Services

This Award truly belongs to All the people I mentioned for this award. They developed a tracking system to determine required PPE needs for program areas thru-out the state. They worked to coordinate ordering items, inventory, break down of supply's to be boxed for shipping or personal deliveries. This "Team' totally developed this innovative program to meet the ever changing needs for PPE. They were "Truly" warriors to get the job done. Outstanding customer service was provided daily with the tasks to ensure a "Safe" work areas.

Weekend Worrior Award

Nominees for this award provided rapid results with minimal downtime by working during off-hours and weekends.

Raymond Roy

Administrative Officer 3

Design & Renovation - Bureau of Administrative Services

Raymond Roy was the contact point for requests for sanitizing in the L&I Building and other program areas for L&I throughout the state. Ray was responsible to coordinate with the vendors to ensure a "Safe" working environment for every employee to return to the building safely. Raymond would work many non-traditional hours to ensure proper safety was adhered to during sanitizing. This work was completed on weekends, holidays, and personal days were put on hold during the height of COVID. We all would like to say "Thank You Ray".

Daniel Sorge

Section Chief


During the PHE, our Bureau simultaneously underwent a change in leadership while navigating the challenges of working from home. With this new leadership also came abrupt and significant changes to our project - MMIS 2020 - which is now renamed MMIS Modernization. Although the entire Bureau felt the effects of these changes, the Systems Oversight Section (lead by Dan Sorge), came under an immense amount of pressure - time sensitive pressure - due to the type of work we do (MMIS budget management, APD submissions, website management, MA Bulletin distribution, to name a few). Dan is a true leader and kept his entire team focused, on track, and showed us all what true teamwork really looks like. Dan is not afraid to get his hands dirty and help out with whatever needs to get done to "keep the ball moving," despite many last minute changes and, unfortunately, poor communication and lack of direction from upper management. It is not unusual for him to be responding to emails in the late hours of the evening as well as on weekends simply because he knows how some items truly can't wait until the next business day. When dealing with budget, contracts, etc. time is always of the essence. That is the case even in a normal season, and during the PHE this just grew ten-fold. For example, overseeing and assisting with drafting and submitting an APD to secure enhanced federal funding for the MMIS system changes needed to comply with the COVID-19 emergency. APDs normally take a MINIMUM of 5 months to complete; however, this APD went out within a month from the time the Governor's disaster declaration went into effect. Dan and his staff worked together and well past end of shift on many days to make this happen. This prompt action ensured money was on the table for the vendors to begin work as quickly as possible, and enabled us to pay the vendor in a timely matter. Dan also is a "think outside the box" type of person and when there is a problem, he will always find a way to solve it. During this past year, even with additional unexpected work related to either the PHE or the significant change in leadership, our section maintained the same momentum and dedication to our work. For example, the other APDs for our many MMIS related projects were submitted on time, the budgets were managed appropriately, the various DHS website pages were updated timely and accurately to keep the public as well as Medicaid providers informed of the changes. His staff went above and beyond (also working late on a number of occasions, traveling far to other locations just to get internet access) to succeed on a team level. Dan leads by example and because of that, his staff are some of the best state workers I've ever met and it is an honor to work for/with him.

Janice Pistor

Chief Procurement Officer


Janice worked all hours of the night, weekends, and holidays to source goods from overseas. And not for a short duration. This went on from March, 2020 until May, 2021. She routinely attended off hours calls and served as BOP liaison with PEMA and DOH on the weekends, in addition to sourcing duties. Generally speaking, she was on 24 hrs duty every other weekend.

Claudia Sanchez

Health Care Navigator

Casa San Jose

Claudia Sanchez is Casa San Jose's Health Care Navigator. She began her work at Casa during 2020 when the pandemic started. Her main duty is to get as many Latinos as possible vaccinated against COVID-19. Due to this responsibility, she has worked additional time to build in more than 10 partnerships with different organizations and hospitals, whose employees replied to her after 5 pm. She has also organized more than 30 COVID-19 bilingual clinics and worked after working hours so hundreds of Latinos who could not get a vaccine from 9 am to 5 pm can get one. She has made thousands of calls with clients to talk about the importance of getting a vaccine during the night as many of them cannot answer calls during the day or afternoon. Thanks to her efforts, over 3,000 individuals have been vaccinated so far.

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Debbie Sampson (x4)

RN, BSN, Owner

Quality Patient Centered Services

As a business owner, Debbie jumped in feet first to provide staffing relief at SCI Phoenix, sometimes working 20 hour shifts, working 6-7 days/week while still running her business to provide additional staffing relief to other PA DOC facilities.

John Morgan

Roadway Programs Technician

Penndot Blair County 9-2

John always exceeds expectations and works additional hours without compensation to ensure his duties are done well and the deadlines are all met within the time allotted. He thrived during the pandemic by organizing and receiving supplies for the District Office ad well as the County. John even utilized his own vehicle and drove around on his own time to find PPE and other sanitation supplies that were otherwise unavailable during the pandemic. John continues to work extra hours and provide excellent service to the commonwealth in his capacity. He cares about his work and the people he serves and goes above and beyond in everything he does.

Mission Impossible Award

Nominees for this award located and secured the needle in the haystack – the impossible product to find. 

All the Purchasing Agents and Purchasing RPT2s

Purchasing Agents and RPT2

During the beginning of the COVID19 outbreak, all the purchasers struggled to find and purchase PPE and cleaning supplies for their organizations which was extremely difficult considering the limited supply as all the states and agencies were trying to procure them at the same time. It was time consuming and frustrating to find the supplies that could be delivered in a timely manner. They all did their best to get what was needed to ensure the safety of their co-workers, clients and others who depended on them. The pressure was great but with some creativity and patience, the job got done.

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Debbie Sampson

RN, BSN, Owner

Quality Patient Centered Services

Debbie takes on some of the hardest challenges, such as rapid recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, and preparing new staff for last minute DOC task forces in literal days!



Due to the pandemic, gloves were in extremely short supply. Gloves are needed on a regular basis, outside of a pandemic, within correction facilities. The supply of gloves became very tight and prices escalated quickly. Elizabeth worked tirelessly and routinely canvassed vendors to find gloves that fit DOC specifications. Elizabeth worked with vendors and internal staff to get products at reasonable prices around the clock to prevent a shortage.

Elizabeth Bollinger

Procurement Specialist 2


Due to the pandemic, gloves were in extremely short supply. Gloves are needed on a regular basis, outside of a pandemic, within correction facilities. The supply of gloves became very tight and prices escalated quickly. Elizabeth worked tirelessly and routinely canvassed vendors to find gloves that fit DOC specifications. Elizabeth worked with vendors and internal staff to get products at reasonable prices around the clock to prevent a shortage.

Lori Michaels, Lori Baker, Tina Billow, Meia Smith

Procurement Specialist 3, Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Agent, Administrative Officer 2

Bureau of Administrative Services - Procurement & Contracts

All the members of the Procurement team with the Bureau of Administrative Services throughout the height of COVID did a OUTSTANDING job to secure all of the requested PPE supply's that were coming in daily at a rapid pace. These members of the BAS procurement team were amazing with the process to secure so many different PPE supply's which were very difficult to secure in the necessary quantities requested. They truly demonstrated "A Can Do Mentality" to find our supply's. A huge "THANK YOU" to all involved.

Generosity Award

Generosity can be exemplified in many forms – from donations, discounted rates, volunteering time or resources – and the list goes on.

Dennis Messeroll

Executive Director

Tractus Asia

Dennis and his team gave hours and hours of time to assist in sourcing PPE in the Far East. They shared their contacts, their manufacturing expertise, their knowledge of country-specific regulations, logistics, and much, much more. They worked long hours, weekends, and holidays without any complaint and were dutiful about answering our every question and translating documents.

Outside the Box Award

The pandemic caused the world to rethink everything – from products we use outside of their original intent to how we event get from A to B.

Andy Pickett

Incident Co-Commander


Andy worked with BOP through numerous product specifications, subsitutions, and EUA's (FDA emergency use authorizations). His suggestion to acquire Bi-Pap machines, when ventilators were impossible to find was significant. He also worked with us on gloves, gowns, syringe bores, and much more.

Best Defense Award

The best defense is a good offense.

Sumec Orient Textile & Technology Co., Ltd

Sumec stood by the COPA with a procurement of KN95's that were dropped by the FDA's EUA. The change in the EUA was made AFTER the order was placed, but before the goods were shipped. Alternative testing needed to be arranged in the US by a CDC laboratory. Sumec helped to arrange samples before the short deadline for retesting. After the goods failed testing, they credited our funds and secured another, compliant supplier.

Dependability Award

Dependability in stable times is great, but to be able to turn on a dime and become the “go to” in a crisis is what we’re looking for in a nominee for this award!

Lori Michaels

Chief, Office of Procurement

Labor & Industry

Lori regularly delivers above and beyond for L&I, a 4,500+ person, $1.4 billion agency with multiple program areas and over 90 offices across the commonwealth. During COVID-19, she worked hand in hand with our program areas to deliver PPEs and other solutions so that our agency could rapidly adjust to telework operations. With her small but nimble team, she has executed complex procurements of all sizes to ensure program areas get the goods and services that they need. She regularly worked weekends and evenings during the darkest days of COVID-19 to ensure program areas were supported with their needs, whether it was IT related or a consulting service. She is constantly thinking about DISBO efforts for our agency and has worked with program areas to ensure we channels dollars to MWBE suppliers. She is always responsive with her emails, whether she gets them at 7am, during the work day, or after hours. I cannot recommend her for this award more highly. She is absolutely dependable and instrumental to the L&I operational engine. -Joe Lee, Deputy Secretary for Administration and Eric Ramsay, Director, Bureau of Administrative Services

John Morgan



When the crisis hit and everyone was looking for supplies and couldn't find them, John didn't stop looking. He would look when he was off work doing his own things. He contacted local vendors to see if they could help out. He found a local person that did reupholstering to make masks for his coworkers in Blair County PennDOT. He also helped me out by receiving my District office orders at his area. This kept the needed Covid supplies being distributed without a snag. He didn't complain about the extra work. He took it all in stride and did it with smile. He always asked me if there was anything more he could do to help me. Not once did I have to worry about his county being without.

Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations


BSSO, no matter what, received, inventoried, picked, packed, and shipped needed PPE. They left their normal assignments, often returning to a backlog, because of their unbreakable commitment to their customer (DOH/PEMA) and to the citizens of PA. They fought through bad weather, high water, political skirmishes, poorly packed trailers, confusing labels, donations, and always under the pressure to leave their temporary domicile. Which they ultimately did with distinction.

MVP Award

Who’s your shining star during the pandemic?

Jeff Thomas

Executive Deputy Director


Jeff wisely engaged BOP to consolidate agency PPE procurement, helped to secure funding for purchases, set up PPE acquisition waves, centralized allocation, and much more. His experience with prior disasters was invaluable in guiding COPA through many difficult decisions.

Salvatore Fulginiti

Stock Clerk 3

Dept. Ag. Pa Vet Lab

"Sal" really stepped up during the pandemic to fill the shoes of his absent supervisor. He took on purchasing and procurement tasks, above and beyond his role, ensuring the lab was properly supplied and equipped to continue our work through the pandemic. Sal provided exemplary service and support to the staff ensuring the program goals were met with little to no disruption. Sal ensured all necessary PPE was available, led the decontamination and sterilization effort; including but not limited to securing hand sanitizer, gloves and masks as well as directing decontamination efforts with outside contractors.

Alan Wilcox

Purchasing Agent

Penndot - Bureau of Support services

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Alan was instrumental in ensuring Driver license centers were able to obtain operational supplies during the pandemic. Suppliers were often times backlogged and/or out of stock. He would do his very best to get needed operational supplies to us asap. He worked within the parameters of the purchasing ban for many items during the majority of the pandemic. He would inform us of any delays and attempt to find needed items in central office or other locations if he could not find any for purchase. He took over some responsibilities for another employee who either retired or was no longer assigned to field locations. He is a team player and is to be commended for his work and commitment to service for the R.O.C central office staff and the DLC field locations.

John Morgan

Roadway Programs Technician 2

Penndot Blair County 9-2

John went to vendors on his own time utilizing his own vehicle without compensation, to find masks and other PPE and sanitation supplies, in order to keep the county work force safe during the pandemic. He also worked and continues to work countless hours of additional time on his own to assure inventory control and proper coding for all of the supplies he purchases. John is always a forward thinker and looks ahead preparing for future contracts and PO's to assure they are in place before the deadline.

Leadership Award

A leader’s success lies in action and purpose, not authority.

Eric Ramsay

Director - Bureau of Administrative Services

Bureau of Administrative Services

Eric lead the Charge with his insightful leadership actions on a daily basis. Nothing was out of the question, Eric did everything possible to demonstrate a calm, calculated Leadership abilities during the height of COVID. Eric started his new position as Director just as COVID was breaking out. His Leadership abilities were crucial for a smooth working conditions thru out the L&I Building then and still to this day. Thank you Eric for your Leadership!!

Tom Wolf


Office of the Governor

Gov. Wolf was an anchor in a rough sea. He made countless life-altering decisions with always the best interests of the greatest number of citizens in mind. From the inside, he ensured that we had ample resources, guidance, but also autonomy to make lower level decisions quickly, so long as they upheld the propriety of our respective offices. His calm demeanor in the face of such widespread and long lasting calamity is of legend.

Team Spirit Award

Together Everyone Achieves More….

Felicia Campbell

COSTARS Marketing Manager


Felicia was tireless in assisting vet potential suppliers for the pandemic procurement process. Working long hours and extensive supplier research to ensure management had a cohesive list to choose from without wasting time. At the same time, providing COSTARS members with customer service as needed. Felicia is always an advocate for the team members, COSTARS benefits and the organization as a whole. Always willing to step in and help out in any way for anyone in need. Felicia tells everyone how much she loves her position and how much enjoys the people she works with.

Tammy Wenrich

Chief, Procurement & Contracting

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Tammy and the DMVA procurement team worked tirelessly during the COVID 19 pandemic to identify and procure personal protective equipment and essentials for the residents and staff at the Pennsylvania State Veteran's Homes. Tammy and her team were able to respond quickly and effectively to short notice healthcare needs for the program offices including the National guard. This included sourcing hard to find or low stock items.Tammy and the DMVA procurement team worked tirelessly during the COVID 19 pandemic to identify and procure personal protective equipment and essentials for the residents and staff at the Pennsylvania State Veteran's Homes. Tammy and her team were able to respond quickly and effectively to short notice healthcare needs for the program offices including the National guard. This included sourcing hard to find or low stock items.

Bureau of Procurement

The Bureau willingly accepted incredibly wide and deep re-assignments and new projects (vendor portal) under excruciating conditions. All of our managers, assistant managers, and most buyers worked nights and weekends to procure items that they may never have purchased before. They had to navigate ever-changing regulatory landmines in host and destination countries. And let's not forget that foreign payments, language barriers, overtaxed shipping lanes, and clamoring wannabe suppliers (not all with pure intent) made a difficult job almost impossible. Almost. Save their collective will to prevail on behalf of their neighbors and families.

Julianne Miller

Office of the Governor


Julianne and her team found creative ways to not only meet the needs of Torrance State Hospital during the pandemic in regards to materials and funding, but also ways for the patients to be able to connect with their loved ones who were unable to see them during the pandemic. Under the direction of fiscal manager Cathy Palmer the team worked tirelessly while being short staffed to ensure that all needs of the hospital were met both financially and logistically. At several points throughout the pandemic the team operated with minimal staffing as members were on Covid ES leave. In addition the team had unfilled positions which made their job even more difficult.Their team was able to successfully utilize Covid CARES act funds to improve quality of life for TSH patients, working conditions for staff, and an overall better environment for all at Torrance State Hospital.

Lucas Malishchak

Director of the Psychology Office

Department of Corrections

Director Lucas Malishchak coordinated weekly meetings with his team within Central Office Psychology at the start of the pandemic in 2020. While, each staff worked at home during the pandemic, Director Malishchak made sure that the team was able to work together weekly to address concerns that occurred in the State Correctional Institutions (SCI). Director Malishchak also encouraged our team to also host meeting with the SCIs that they directly oversee to make sure that staff are able to deliver mental health services to individuals incarcerated. The team was able to come up with a document that allowed staff within the SCIs to establish the work they can accomplish. The team was able to determine which work was a priority and what work can be pushed to the back burner. This was helpful for staff as they did not have to stress over items that were tertiary and focus more on emergent items. Also, during the pandemic there was a rise in media attention to multicultural issues within America. Director Malishchak facilitated conversations within the internal Psychology Office that eventually seeped into conversations with Licensed Psychologist Managers (LPMs) so that psychology staff can treat and alleviate any issues or trauma that occurred with individuals incarcerated. Also, the team under Director’s Malishchak leadership was able to find job duties that staff working within the SCIs can do if they had to work for home. This allowed for staff to continue to be efficient even if they were not able to work within the SCI. Also, many virtual trainings were created under Director Malishchak leadership as in person trainings were cancelled during the pandemic. I can go on and on, however Director Malishchak with the help of his team in the Psychology Office came up with solutions to challenges of the pandemic.

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